Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"FALL" huh?

Spending "Fall" in Virginia Beach is sure different than Fall that I am used to. 1) I am used to low 50 degree temps. Today is was 80! 2) Pletheras (is that a word?) of cider, cinnamon doughnuts, apples, pumpkins! So far, NO CIDER! NO DOUGHNUTS, few apples, and NO HONEY CRISP! But, the pumpkins are out in full bloom! Beautiful and in just about every color imaginable. I was able to photograph this lil' pumpkin! She is a doll, so it was easy! I do love Virginia Beach, and I love taking pictures! Happy Fall!!!
Picture 2846blog


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Jennifer Urbin Photography said...

I love this session! Soooooo cute! That first image is adorable!