Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joe and Chrissy's Wedding/ Sandbridge Beach

WOW! I really haven't forgotten about my photography blog. I am so flattered that I actually have followers. I never even imagined! I have been crazy busy taking pictures, and LOVING IT! Well, there are some things that I love, and some things that I just like. And in all honesty... some things I don't like at all. Here are a couple of shots from the very first wedding ever, that I got to shoot at, with Amy Sandoval. How can you not LOVE weddings? This couple made it so easy for me to love shooting at weddings. They were breath takingly beautiful, and LOVE oozed from their smiles. The first thing I learned here, is that I can't hide my tears with my camera... it fogs up the view finder. The sneak peak is way past due, so I just picked two of my favorite images. Lots more pictures to come this week.

Joe and Chrissy

Joe and Chrissy

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Meegan said...

(sigh) YAY! FINALLY!!!
the colors of the flowers in the first photo make me salivate. Is that weird? :)
The sweetness of the second. . . makes me want to get married on a beach and have you photograph it.
Let's make that happen. . .

[so glad you're back in the land of bloggers!!!]