Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mulitple session... 1

This mom has my vote as one mom I could never be. She has 2 older kids in school, but this session was just about the kids not in school. Imagine this, you have a three month old baby, and you find out you are pregnant again... WITH TWINS! These girls may have been tiring, but they were so adorable, and it was so easy to pick out the pictures to peak at. When the mom said, "We can't ever get the twins to smile at the same time!" So, I am not sure if this counts as smiling, but they are happy, and they are both looking at me... and to me... that was an accomplishment. Enjoy your sneak peak... Up Next... Another MOTHER OF THE YEAR! WITH MULTIPLES! Tran(1)



Jean Smith Photography said...

geez girl...your photography blog is CRAZY with new posts! keep em coming...i love seeing what you did in michigan! mmmmm...second pic is just adorable.

Paige said...

I absolutely love that first picture of the twins. I love their outfits and adorable faces. Good job with getting them both to look at the camera!